• Projects conducted on consultation basis

1- An agreement was signed in May 1989 between this company and Hegmatan Cement Company affiliated to Ehdas-E-Sanat. The location was within 25 kilometers of the town of Razan in Hamadan province. This contract was completed in Des. 1992. This agreement was later changed to the mother company consultant. This factory became operative in September 1977 and was inaugurated in Nov. 1977 by H.E. the minister of industries.

2- An agreement was signed with the khuzestan cement Co. affiliated to Ehdas–E–Sanat . In Nov. 1990. The location of the project in Ramhormoz. Situated 20 kilometers north east of Haft-Kel & Ramhormoz. This industrial complex became operative in Dec. 1997 and was inaugurated by an esteemed dignitary.

3- Concluded an agreement with the Zanjan Cement factory for production of 1000 to 2000 tons per/day. The 1st phase of this project was finished in September 1999.

4- Concluded an agreement with the Mazandaran Cement Co. to design & advice on extension of the Neka cement factory. The production should reach 3000 thons per day. The preliminary design and engineering services has started in February 2002.

5- Concluded an agreement with the Mazandaran cement Co. to design & engineer a plan for the present unit to increase production form the present 2000 tons per day to 4000 tons per day. The preliminary work has finished. The tender document & other operational paper for purchase of equipment are almost completed.

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