• Design And/or construction Project

1- Completion of Electrical & mechanical equipment installation, cold commissioning of a light building factory, located in Gharchak Varamin in 1987 & 1988 during 7 months.

2- Designing & installation of electrical equipment of silica transfer line of Itounag factory located in Abiek in 1990 during 4 months & cold commissioning.

3- Designing & supervising the construction of approximately 1000 Ton of the equipment of Hegmatan cement project including plaster stone lorikeet department, raw materials- all belt conveyors, raw material mill open shaft, parts of equipment & loading house lands band in 1995 to 1996.
4- Entering into contract with Iran industrial Co. regarding Engineering services, manufacturing & commissioning raw materialsí silos & furnace nutrition of Kavire Kashan cement project in May 22nd, 2002 that its designing & Engineering works are done so far & more than 97% of its equipments are built & is delivered to Kavire Kashan's cement workshop.

5- Entering into contract with Behbahan cement Co. regarding turning the system of raw materials silo No. 2 from Batch into Continues that was notified to the Co. in May 17th, 2003 for execution & its designing has started so far.

6- Entering into contract with Kordestan cement Co. regarding that Company's cement silo No.3 detailed designing that is notified to our Co. in May 26th, 2003 for execution that its engineering, designing & preliminary works have started so far.

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