•  Planning & Project Control

The construction of cement factories because of its scale and complexties, is considered as semi-heavy industries after the power stations and dams.
Because it necessitates application of various specialties & a high volume of construction activities at the early stages of the project planning & control is a vital necessity. The consultant engineering company, because of its vast experience in the field, has been successful in developing a very acceptable C.P. programme, which enables the project directors, to make right decisions at the right moment.
On many occasions, the project control process is so complicated that the progress of work can be hampered, if there is no planning & control of projects.
The company continually the updates its personnel, with new technics and ideas in the project control process.
Principal services offered in the respect are:

•  Total project planning & preparation of C.P.M.
•  Securing the necessary information and data from consultant & contractors.
•  Follow up of operations in accordance with the total project planning.
•  Preparation of progress report about the contractors & submission to directors for decision making.

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