•  Coordination

When a single objective is the aim of a group of consultants, contractors, Builders and Designers, the element of Coľordination within this group becomes a very fundamental and vital factor.
The final objective of this group is construction and commissioning of a cement company.
With this in mind, the responsibility of control and Coľordination is specially outstandingly obvious for the consultants & builders alike.
Co-ordination within a group with diversified responsibilities, although no so much obvious, is very important and necessary. In order to elaborate further, Co-ordination, is identifying & recognizing, differences of opinion and ides, which may occur between designers, sellers, manufacturers and contractors, irrespective of Iranian or foreign and notifying each groups area of responsibilities and duties.
Co-ordination is to follow each companies, share of responsibilities and to see that the project is progressed with the minimum cost and within the specified schedule.
The consultant company in the implementation Co-ordination, with the vast beneficial experience which they have, can execute the projects in the best possible manner.
In this respect, the consultant engineers, among other responsibilities perform their duties under the following headlines:
•  Control the efficient execution of responsibilities of contractors and consultants.
•  Eradicating the difficulties and differences which may occur within the various functions.
•  Co-ordinate in securing the required information, documents and technical information and distributing them where requited.
•  Co-ordination in the area of drawings and technical structure

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