• Executing of operational activities administration & productivity management

A: cold commissioning
•  Single start- up of all machinery and removing all defects, if any 8 hour commissioning.
•  Commissioning
•  Departmental commissioning
•  Providing a special instruction manual recording all the equipment operational data to be used as operational manual


B: Hot commissioning
At this stage, after the hot commissioning and taking into consideration, the instructions of the manufacturer, if available. In absence of this instruction, this company can implement the hot commissioning by preparing the production schedule.
• To implement hot commissioning, preparation of raw material and storage efficiency is a must. In this process, sampling operation with the help of x- ray will be utilized.
• After hot commissioning & storing the silos with raw material by using the mills. At this stage all the instructions for the furnaces and the duration will be strictly observed. By using the x-ray services, powdered raw materials will be fed to the furnaces
• Commissioning of mills with clinker is only executed, after completing the pre requisites and after commissioning, the produced cement is stored in the silos.


• Loading is conducted in two sections: Bulk loading & package loading. This is conducted by observing the priorities. It is worth mentioning, that commissioning & programming is conducted by electrical, mechanical and production control groups.

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